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As a thank you for opting in, I want to share with you all recordings from my 2016 online event. Hope it will help you with your BPM initiatives!

Stay tuned for more useful materials about the process management!


BPM Value Summit 2016 recordings

Day 1:

Adrian Reed – Re-claiming strategy
Marcello La Rosa – BPM maturity
Josep Cos – BPM and Digital Transformation
Connie Moore – Outside-in approach

Day 2:

John Tesmer – Engaging organization
Roger Tregear – How to make people engaged in BPM
Juergen Pitschke – Value of modeling

Day 3:

Steve Towers – BPM and Customer Experience Management
Derek Miers – How to sell BPM in an organization
Ivan Seselj – Engaging the organization
Sandeep Johal – Creating valuable process models

BONUS sessions:

Alberto Manuel – BPM and Digital Transformation
Emiel Kelly – Common sense process management
Juergen Pitschke interviews Zbigniew Misiak

Below you can find list of additional resources provided by the BPM Value Summit speakers

Day 1

Adrian Reed
“Strategy the Crucial Enabler” — Recording of Adrian’s presentation at BBC conference 2015

Book “Be a Great Problem Solver!”

Adrian’s newsletter “BA Digest”

Marcello La Rosa
Marcello’s website with overview of his courses and new articles

Book “Fundamentals of BPM”

Josep Cos
LinkedIn posts by Josep:

Connie Moore
Page with BPM related resources provided by DCG

Day 2:

Roger Tregear
Book “Reimagining management”

Juergen Pitschke
More resources by Juergen

Day 3:

Steve Towers
Gift #1 Outside-In Strategic Matrix (OISM)

Gift #2 The Successful Customer Outcome Canvas (SCOC)

Sign up for the webinar with Steve

Derek Miers
Structure Talent blog:

Forthcoming book on organizational transformation:

Sandeep Johal
Modeling Excellence resources

Alberto Manuel
List of best BPM blogs by Alberto

Emiel Kelly
Emiel’s blog
Twitter: @Procesje
Book recommended by Emiel: Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development, 2nd Edition

Zbigniew Misiak
Business Process Analysis tool ADONIS NP used by Zbigniew