Fundamentals of BPM – Part 1: Process identification and discovery (Essential process modelling)

Below you can find videos from a MOOC “Fundamentals of Business Process Management” Part 1: “Process identification and discovery” courtesy of Professor Marcello La Rosa.

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Chapter 3: Essential Process Modeling

Introducing process modelling

Example: Student enrolment

Purposes of process modelling


Example: Order-to-cash

Process model vs process instances

Branching and merging

XOR gateways

AND gateways

Example: Order distribution process

OR gateways

Choosing the right gateway

Example: Address ministerial correspondence

Information artefacts


Resources example: Order-to-cash

Exchanging information

Exchange information example: Order-to-cash

Process decomposition

Example: Identify possible sub-processes

Linking value chains with process models

Guidelines for using sub processes

Process reuse

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