Fundamentals of BPM – Part 3: Process implementation and monitoring (Process Monitoring & Closing)

Below you can find videos from a MOOC “Fundamentals of Business Process Management” Part 3: “Process implementation and monitoring” courtesy of Professor Marcello La Rosa.

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Chapter 11: Process Monitoring

Introduction to monitoring and controlling




Operational dashboards

Tactical dashboards

Strategic dashboards

Introducing process mining

Process mining methods

Structure of event logs

Challenges of extracting event logs

Introducing the Alpha algorithm

Using a footprint matrix

Building the process model

Introducing Heuristics Miner

Example: Heuristics Miner

Fuzzy Miner

Suncorp: Defining the problem

Suncorp: Presenting the results

Disco tutorial: Discovery and simplification

Disco tutorial: Statistics and case types

Disco tutorial: Variants and performance mining

Disco tutorial: Performance mining: Replaying a log

Disco tutorial: Conformance checking

Process mining methodology

Frame and plan the problem

Collect and analyse the data


Final words of wisdom

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