BPMN MIWG live interoperability demo 2022

Would you like to see how different modelling and automation tool vendors interchange the BPMN diagrams? Or perhaps you are interested in extensions of the BPMN standard? You can’t miss the Object Management Group Meet & Greet event on March 21st 2022.

Like in the past years BPMN Model Interchange Working Group will be presenting during the OMG conference. But if you are not close to Reston fear not – there will be also an online stream of the event. You can register on https://www.omg.org/events/2022Q1/special-events/BPMN-Meet-Greet.htm.

As always we will show how BPMN diagram can be interchanged between various tools. At the end you will also see how the process can be automated. But it is not all we have in store for you 🙂

Our holiday leave BPMN diagram will be connected with DMN diagram showing the business rules governing the decisions about accepting or rejecting the employee request. We will also showcase two extensions of the BPMN standard our group prepared: BPMN i18n (BPMN Internationalization) and BPMN in Color.

As you probably expect, the former extension allows you to store translations into various languages inside the diagram. The latter allows you to exchange colors of BPMN elements (e.g. Tasks) between various tools.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to sign up for the event!

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