Business Process Management: an Introduction to Process Thinking (week 3)

Below you can find videos from a MOOC “Business Process Management: an Introduction to Process Thinking” courtesy of Professor Marcello La Rosa.
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Week 3 – Process redesign

Why process redesign? (Hajo Reijers)

What is process redesign? (Hajo Reijers)

Overview of redesign approaches (Redesign approaches) (Hajo Reijers)

Week 3 – Process automation

What is process automation? (Marcello La Rosa)

Example: process automation? (Marcello La Rosa)

When to apply process automation (Marcello La Rosa)

Week 3 – Process redesign

Introduction to monitoring and controlling (Marcello La Rosa)

Artefacts (Marcello La Rosa)

Methods (Marcello La Rosa)

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