Do you want to learn how to start using Decision Management and DMN in practice?

You may want to check a roundup post where 18 DMN experts share practical tips. I have also asked them for recommendations for people starting with DMN and on a basis of this input prepared for you a list of DMN resources.

Did I miss something useful? Let me know in comments!


Knowledge Automation: How to Implement Decision Management in Business Processes by Alan N. Fish

The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology by Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg

The MicroGuide to Process and Decision Modeling in BPMN/DMN: Building More Effective Processes by Integrating Process Modeling with Decision Modeling by Tom Debevoise and James Taylor

DMN Method and Style: The Practitioner’s Guide to Decision Modeling with Business Rules by Bruce Silver

[Upcoming] Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN by James Taylor and Jan Purchase


Decision Model and Notation (DMN) – LinkedIn group

Decision Management Community

Business Rules Community

James Taylor on Everything Decision Management (blog)

Lux Magi – Decision Management for Finance (blog)

Method and Style (blog)

Courses, presentations, tools

Coming soon…

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