Fundamentals of BPM – Part 1: Process identification and discovery (Process identification)

Below you can find videos from a MOOC “Fundamentals of Business Process Management” Part 1: “Process identification and discovery” courtesy of Professor Marcello La Rosa.

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Chapter 2: Process Identification

What is process identification?

Why do we perform process identification?

How to approach process identification

Process enumeration

Example: Process enumeration for a wholesaler

What are the components of a process architecture?

Process enumeration example

Process architecture example

What is process scoping?

Guidelines to identify horizontal boundaries

What is value chain modelling?

How to model value chains

Building a value chain of core processes

Building a value chain of non-core processes

Value chains in process architecture

Typical artefacts for vertical scoping

Guidelines to identify vertical boundaries

How many levels in the process architecture?

Designation via reference models

Three criteria to use when assessing processes

What is a prioritised process portfolio?

Should all prioritised processes be managed?

Project-by-project identification

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