Fundamentals of BPM – Part 2: Process analysis and redesign (Process Redesign)

Below you can find videos from a MOOC “Fundamentals of Business Process Management” Part 2: “Process analysis and redesign” courtesy of Professor Marcello La Rosa.

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Chapter 8: Process Redesign

Why process redesign?

What is process redesign?

Redesign approaches

Tools for redesign

Process Model Canvas

Example: Process Model Canvas

Introduction to Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Ford procurement process

Ford procurement reengineered

BPR principle 1

BPR principle 2

BPR principle 3

BPR principle 4

Example: BPR

Heuristic process redesign

Redesign heuristics

Heuristic 1: Task elimination

Heuristic 2: Task composition

Examples: Task composition and decomposition

Heuristic 3: Triage

Examples: Specialisation and generalisation

Heuristic 4: Re-sequencing

Example: Re-sequencing

Heuristic 5: Enhance parallelism

Example: Enhance parallelism

Heuristic 6: Process specialisation and standardisation

Example: Process specialisation and standardisation

Heuristic 7: Resource optimisation

Example: Resource optimisation

Heuristic 8: Communication optimisation

Example: Front-loaded process

Heuristic 9: Automation

Example: Heuristics

Prioritising redesign options

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