BPMN in practice – Intermediate events

One of my favorite BPMN 2.0 features are intermediate events. While it is relatively easy to grasp the concept of start events and end events, not everyone understands intermediate events and I get lots of questions from my students about them.

I recently updated the video about intermediate events for my course on Udemy and thought it can be useful for you too.

Before we dig deeper – few words about events in general.

Events allow you to document important things that happen in during your process. Note that those
are not things that you do, but rather some states of reality.

When we look at the process there are 3 moments when something can happen:

1. There are things that make our process start (i.e you need to wait for them to
start). In BPMN those are Start Events. They are shown as circles with single thin border.

2. There are things that may happen during the process – either some important milestones or things that you
need to handle somehow. In BPMN those are Intermediate Events. They are shown as circles with double
thin border.

3. And finally there are different end results of a process. In BPMN we use End Events for this. They are shown as circles with single thick border.

In the video below I will show you the Intermediate Events that are parts of the Sequence Flow. There are also boundary intermediate events, but this is topic for additional post 🙂


Do you want to learn more? Get the “BPMN Events” reference guide as a convenient, downloadable PDF.

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