Interested in BPMN model interchange? Join us in Berlin or see the live stream!

For the third time members of the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group will be presenting results of our work during the OMG conference in Berlin on June 17th 2015.

Apart from BOC Group with ADONIS, the following tools/vendors will take part:

  • Activiti
  • camunda
  • itp commerce
  • SAP
  • Signavio
  • Trisotech
  • W4
  • Yaoqiang

This time we will be doing 3 demos:

Diagram Interchange Demo – there we will be showing how different tools can create parts of the big diagram in a collaborative manner.

Buying at Amazon Collaboration






Execution Demo – in this demo we will be editing the model already  containing technical attributes needed for automation to show they do not get lost during the interchange). If you are wondering why do we have “Rechnung klären” in the model here is the answer: it is actually on purpose to check how do the tools handle non-standard characters (i.e. umlauts)







Last, but not least, we have Hidden Attributes Demo, where we will be adding and displaying attributes which are normally not visualized, but are covered by the BPMN Specification.

Fridge Repair Process_export







More technical information, models and list of participants can be found on our Github page.

Stay tuned for the further updates, as I will be adding more info regarding the live stream etc.

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