Back to school 2017: free online courses for BPM professionals

My reader asked me to provide an updated list of MOOC courses for BPM professionals taking place in Q3 and Q4 of 2017, so I thought it would be fun to extend it a bit and make a “Back to school” series.

In this post you will find an overview of MOOC courses, further posts will cover books and other sources of knowledge. Enjoy!

Good thing about MOOC courses is that if you miss one edition you can join the next one. Below you will find updated info about courses from previous posts on this topic plus something new 🙂

Before we begin I have to ask you – what do you want to learn?

1) Do you want in-depth course about the most important aspects of BPM?

In this case I would strongly suggest 3 part course “Fundamentals of BPM” by professors Marcello La Rosa and Marlon Dumas.

Part 1 “Fundamentals of BPM: Process identification and discovery” started on Aug 28th but you still can join.

Part 2 “Fundamentals of BPM: Process analysis and redesign” starts on Oct 2nd.

Part 3 “Fundamentals of BPM: Process automation and monitoring” starts on Nov 6th.

If you miss them or don’t have that much time there is also an introductory course “Business Process Management: an Introduction to Process Thinking” that starts on Nov 27th.

2) Do you want to learn how to improve your processes?

You may enjoy the course “Introduction to Operations Management” by professor Christian Terwiesch. The course started on Sep 4th, but you still can join.

3) Do you want to know how to approach Process Mining?

In this case course “Process Mining: Data science in Action” by professor Wil van der Aalst is a best choice for you. The course started on Sep 4th, but you can still join.

4) Do you want to add a little innovation to your organization with Design Thinking?

I know this is not BPM per se, but I recently finished this course and found it very interesting and useful for anyone interested in creation of (software) products on a basis of customer needs.

Developing Software Using Design Thinking” by Moritz Gekeler, Jochen Guertler and George Kembel starts on Oct 17th.

Are there any other topics you would like to learn?

Let me know and I will find something for you!

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