Building the Business Process Architecture with PCF – APQC Interview

This is a third post from a series about building the Business Process Architecture. Did you miss previous interviews?
Jump to the interview with Roger Burlton and Marcello La Rosa.

Listen to the interview with John Tesmer, Jeff Varney and Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland from APQC where they tell about the PCF – most popular process framework in the world and the best practices of building the process architecture.



“Adopt, than adapt”

“We have elements in the framework to represent everything an organization needs to do”

“The critical aspect is balance across those 7 tenets [of BPM]”

“Avoid the flavor of the month, big bang approach and go after a slow steady application of a structured approach”

“I would suggest to the new BPM practitioners to avoid thinking about the easy things and start thinking about the hard things”

“Don’t underestimate how much do you need to engage your frontline workers”

Resources mentioned in this episode

APQC’s Seven Tenets of Process Management Interactive Framework
Seven Tenets of BPM
Improving Process Management Maturity: The Role of the Seven Tenets of Process Management
APQC’s Process Classification Framework
2015 Putting the PCF into Action

About APQC

APQC is member-based non-profit and one of the world’s largest proponents of business benchmarking, best practices and knowledge management research. APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF) is the most used process framework in the world.

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Make sure to sign up for the webinar “What’s Keeping Your Peers Up at Night? 2016’s Top Process Challenges!” on Jan 21th by Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland.

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