Clay Richardson on Customer Journey Mapping and Lean Startup for BPM

If you had a chance to read recent post with predictions from top BPM influencers about hot BPM skills in 2016 you could notice Customer Journey Mapping being mentioned several times.

To help you decide if you should consider adding it to your BPM toolbox, I invited Clay Richardson from Forrester Research for an interview.

Clay shares many great insights on topics like Customer Journey Mapping and aligning it with BPM, Lean Startup Techniques, Low-Code Application Development and much more.



“Competitive advantage is no longer driven by automation and efficiency. It is now driven by customer engagement.”

“Companies that obsess about delivering great customer experiences create obsessed customers.”

“BPM’s role is to drive better experiences, greater convenience, ease of interaction.”

“[Customer journey] is the glue that ties experiences that customer has with operational processes.”

“Every part of the company has a role to play in customer experience.”

“For BPM teams the most important part is to connect the different states of the journey with the underlying processes.”

“How to convince people to use lean startup techniques? I would give them three names: Borders, Uber, Airbnb.”

“Today, we are fooling ourselves if we think we know what the customer wants.”

“You want to make sure you are building products and services that customer want, not just building to build.”

“BPM is in a major transition. This does not mean we jettison everything we have learned about BPM over the last ten years. It means we need to augment and expand our process toolkits.”

“The main technique I recommend to BPM teams is to focus around defining the customer lifecycle and customer journey.”

“In BPM we are notorious for using vanity metrics.”










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Clay Richardson’s research on Forrester website

About Clay Richardson

Clay Richardson is a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.
He is a recognized thought leader with 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, continuous improvement, business design, disruptive innovation, tech market research and analysis, and public speaking.

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