Process automation – workflow, RPA, and beyond

Process automation – workflow, RPA, and beyond

Are you interested in process automation?

If so, I may have 2 interesting things for you.

1) I recently published the first version of a course “Process automation – workflow, RPA, and beyond” on Udemy and want to share it with my readers.

This is an early version of a course with content mostly covering workflow/BPMS tools. I will be adding more videos about RPA and other tools soon, but to decide what to focus on I would like to hear feedback from people with an early adopter attitude 🙂

If this sounds interesting use the link below to join the course for free:
and tell me what should I add!

I hope you will find the course useful.

Link is valid until November 11th.

UPDATE: since many of you joined I thought it would be cool to extend the free access till Thanksgiving. This is my way of saying “Thanks” for being my reader 🙂

UPDATE2: You can join the course for a lowest Udemy price (9,99 USD) using this link:

2) Do you want to learn more about various aspects of intelligent automation from the leading companies? AI EMEA Live online summit is currently running. You can still register to get access to all recordings on:

Basics of BPMN

BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is a de-facto standard for modeling detailed processes for documentation and automation purposes.

When it comes to process documentation, each good process model should help us answer the questions we have for a process.

Those questions differ from organization to organization, but most commonly what we need to know is:
1) What starts the process
2) What are the results of a process
3) What needs to be done
4) What are the possible variants
5) Who does what
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Interview with Adrian Reed – Re-claiming Strategy: a crucial element for organizational success

Interview with Adrian Reed – Re-claiming Strategy: a crucial element for organizational success

Strategy is often seen as toy for the top managers – something too high level to have any practical application.

However according to the quote often attributed to Sun Tzu “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

Deep down we all feel that organizations need to make their strategies actionable if they want to succeed.

To show you how to approach this topic and why is it important for all BPM efforts I invited for an interview Adrian Reed.
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Do you want to learn about DMN?

If you had a chance to read post about BPM skills in 2016 where 13 experts shared their predictions about what will be hot topic in BPM this year you probably noticed that quite a few trends were mentioned.

One of those hot topics is Decision Management and a new standard from OMG: DMN (Decision Model and Notation).

Next week I will have something really interesting for you on this topic, but in the mean time I would like to share with you two ways you can learn more about DMN: bpmNEXT 2016 conference and MOOC “BPMN meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling”.
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Clay Richardson on Customer Journey Mapping and Lean Startup for BPM

Clay Richardson on Customer Journey Mapping and Lean Startup for BPM

If you had a chance to read recent post with predictions from top BPM influencers about hot BPM skills in 2016 you could notice Customer Journey Mapping being mentioned several times.

To help you decide if you should consider adding it to your BPM toolbox, I invited Clay Richardson from Forrester Research for an interview.

Clay shares many great insights on topics like Customer Journey Mapping and aligning it with BPM, Lean Startup Techniques, Low-Code Application Development and much more.

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