Do you want to learn about DMN?

If you had a chance to read post about BPM skills in 2016 where 13 experts shared their predictions about what will be hot topic in BPM this year you probably noticed that quite a few trends were mentioned.

One of those hot topics is Decision Management and a new standard from OMG: DMN (Decision Model and Notation).

Next week I will have something really interesting for you on this topic, but in the mean time I would like to share with you two ways you can learn more about DMN: bpmNEXT 2016 conference and MOOC “BPMN meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling”.

bpmNEXT 2016
bpmNEXT conference is the brainchild of Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer. bpmNEXT 2016 will be fourth annual event, showcasing of the best in “what’s next for BPM.”.

Apart from 4 presentations on DMN there will be plenty of other interesting topics (you can check the 2016 program here), so if you have free time on April 19-21 and you want to see the future of BPM you should seriously consider registering.

MOOC “BPMN meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling”
Last year you could read on my site about BPM-related Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC).
First course I plan to participate in this year is MOOC “BPMN meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling” by Mathias Weske.

Below you can find more information from organizers:

Start: April 11th 2016
Duration: 6 weeks
Course Language: English

Course Summary
Business process models play a central role in describing, analyzing, improving, implementing, and monitoring business processes. They serve as a communication vehicle for professionals with different background and expertise, ranging from business administration, quality management, and organizational development to process improvement, systems architectures, and software development.

Recently, there is a strong focus on operational decisions in business processes, since they influence the process flow, its performance and quality. Decision models complement process models by representing concrete, operational decisions, both with their structure and their decision logic.

This online course introduces concepts of business process modeling using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). Participants will learn the elements of process models and their precise meaning. Based on a thorough understanding of business process models, the last part of the course covers decision models using the recent standard Decision Model and Notation (DMN).

The course covers concepts to describe and analyze business processes and decisions. It does not cover methods on how to model, improve, monitor or implement business processes. Still, a deep understanding of business processes and decisions is a useful basis for these activities.

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