Interview with Roger Burlton – How to build a Business Process Architecture

This post opens the series about building the Business Process Architecture.

Listen to the interview with BPM thought leader Roger Burlton to learn the best practices of building the process architecture.

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Resources mentioned in this episode

BP Trends – monthly updates

Business Architecture Essentials: The Business Architecture Landscape

Business Process Change

Business Process Manifesto

Business Process Management: Profiting From Process

Process Renewal Group

About Roger Burlton

Roger is the president of Process Renewal Consulting Group Inc. He is also co-founder of BPTrends Associates; the services firm of the world-leading knowledge portal. He started the pioneering Process Renewal Group (PRG) in 1993 and was at the forefront of process-centric ways of running businesses.

He is regarded globally as a thought leader and dynamic practitioner who brings reason, clarity, and practicality to complex business architecture and business change.

Roger’s insights can be found in his acclaimed book: Business Process Management: Profiting from Process, the Business Process Manifesto, the Handbook on Business Process Management and numerous other publications including his articles featured on

Roger chairs several of the largest and most influential BPM conferences in the world and is a sought after speaker dealing with the tough issues of business change in a thought provoking and entertaining manner.

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