Interview with Sandeep Johal – Process Modeling Best Practices

Do you hear people asking “Why do we need to draw all those boxes and arrows” and wonder how to convince them that process modeling makes sense? What kind of models really create value for organization? Are there some guidelines that help you create useful models?

To help you answer those questions I have prepared for you interview with Sandeep Johal from Leonardo Consulting.

In the interview Sandeep shares with you best practices of process modeling.



“The only way organization delivers value is through processes”

“If you don’t have a purpose don’t even bother modeling”

“You will automatically see the value come out of accurate models that are up to date”

“Process models need to have a balance of accuracy, conformance and fit for purpose”

“You cannot keep process models in isolation”

“We are in the business of relationships”

“Model itself is not going to be valuable on its own”

About Sandeep Johal

Sandeep has contributed professionally and academically to Business Process Management for 10 years. He specializes in business process modeling and governance. He currently leads a team of Business Process professionals in the United States.

His business process management practice helped accumulate years of questions and lessons which are shared through social media, videos, classes, seminars and, of course, consulting. Sandeep has presented at international conferences across Australia, United States, England, and the Middle East.

He recently developed Process Modeling Excellence, a 40 day program to establish or uplift the process modeling capability of any organization.

Sandeep is a BPTrends accredited Business Process Management Professional and has a Master of Business Process Management.

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