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Recently I had a chance to discuss the topic of process management with a CFO of a large company implementing BPM and it made me think how to talk about the benefits of process approach with the top executives.

Those are busy people who don’t have the time to read long and detailed books about BPM. Usually, low-level technical topics or nuanced discussions are not valuable for them as they need a quick overview of the topic (whether it is process-based management or the process automation) plus compelling reason to make a decision.

So I thought that if you are also preparing for a talk with a C-level executive you may find those resources useful (as they were for me):

1) Process Precepts by Roger Tregear


It’s a recently published book that gives you a great overview of what BPM is and how to approach it. Inside the book, you will find lots of practical insights from Roger Tregear enriched with the comments from top BPM experts and one humble blogger 😉

2) The Process Revolution: Transforming Your Organisation With Business Process Improvement by Craig Reid


For some strange reason, I did not notice this book when it was published in 2016, but you should not make the same mistake.
Craig composed his book of thought-provoking short chapters (you can read each in less than 2 minutes) containing real-life case studies (called “tales from the revolution”) and practical tips you can use to start your process revolution.

3) Getting Started with Digital Process Automation by Adeel Javed


If you are wondering how to introduce your managers to the topics such as digital process automation, selecting right processes for automating, customer journey maps and building the CoE this is a great starting point. Adeel did a great job of summarizing lots of the hottest topics in BPM and offered it as a free e-book.

Plus something more

Apart from the books, you may also enjoy my post where 20+ experts share their tips on how to convince executives to treat BPM as something more than just one more management method.

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