Interview with Emiel Kelly – bringing the essence back in the processes

The summer holidays are time to slow down a bit and think about what we are doing daily. It also applies to BPM where we often forget about things that really matter.

To give you fresh and common sense approach to BPM I invited for an interview Emiel Kelly.

Below you can listen to the interview.
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About Emiel Kelly

EmielEmiel has been working as a trainer and consultant for vendors of software like BPM tooling, since 1999. He also started his own initiative,, a valuable source of practical and common sense information about Business Process Management and how to avoid blindly following the trends.

Emiel is known from his practical and unorthodox approach to BPM.

He is also a contributor to where he is a very active participant of discussion forums. You can also find lots of his both informative and entertaining tweets on Twitter.


“Why do you have processes? To deliver what you promise”

“BPM essence: what customer problems are you actually solving?”

“BPM is what you do every day”

“Egyptians did BPM when building pyramids”

“Availability of data means you have to approach BPM differently”

“WHY and WHAT of the processes don’t change so quickly. HOW and WHO do”

“Customers don’t pay you for modeling your processes. They pay you for executing them”

“Flat models like BPMN miss the dynamics of execution. Then you need more things like process mining”

“Digital Transformation is more cultural shift than technology shift”

“If you have 450 employees, you have 450 process analysts”

“Making useless things more efficient doesn’t make sense”

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