BPM Skills in 2018 – Hot or Not

Each year is a chance to make a change for yourself and your organization. But it will be a positive change only if you know what are the right things to focus on, and which ones should be avoided.

To help you make 2018 your best year ever I asked 20+ BPM experts about the skills that will be hot this year.

As you will see I kept the basic structure used in 2016 and 2017 version of this post, but to make it more actionable added a question about the best resources to learn the hot BPM skills.

Plus – this time I have something extra 🙂

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BPM for executives

Recently I had a chance to discuss the topic of process management with a CFO of a large company implementing BPM and it made me think how to talk about the benefits of process approach with the top executives.

Those are busy people who don’t have the time to read long and detailed books about BPM. Usually, low-level technical topics or nuanced discussions are not valuable for them as they need a quick overview of the topic (whether it is process-based management or the process automation) plus compelling reason to make a decision.

So I thought that if you are also preparing for a talk with a C-level executive you may find those resources useful (as they were for me):
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What are the best podcasts for BPM practitioners

What are the best podcasts for BPM practitioners

Do you know a story from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” about a man who tries to saw down a tree?

He was working hard for hours but without success. And it was because he did not take a break to sharpen a saw.

What was his reasoning?

“I don’t have time to sharpen the saw. I am too busy sawing.”

How is this story connected with a daily life of BPM practitioners?

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Interview with Neil Ward-Dutton – how to weave a digital thread through your operations, products and services

Interview with Neil Ward-Dutton – how to weave a digital thread through your operations, products and services

When I was a kid I enjoyed reading about heroes and gods from Greek mythology (and now I work for a company offering BPM tool called ADONIS – is it a coincidence?).

One of my favorite was the one of Theseus who defeated the Minotaur. To do so he had to enter the dangerous Labyrinth created by Daedalus. He would not make it without help from Ariadne as she gave him instructions and the thread, so that he would not get lost.

Today many organizations venture into realm of Digital Transformation. They want to become heroes for their customers (i.e. create outstanding Customer Experience).

Some will be successful – even though their CEOs will probably not be immortalized in myths 🙂 Some will fail.

What will make the difference? Having some guidance on what to do and proper tools supporting the Digital Transformation.

Neil Ward-Dutton from MWD Advisors shares tips on how to weave the ‘digital thread’ through your operations, products and services to support new customer experiences.
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