Free tools for business (process) analysts – 2015 edition

What do you do when you need to create a process model?

Some people use basic office software and I must say they sometimes create cool models (I had a chance to see complete EPC stencils in Excel and pretty awesome models created with PowerPoint auto shapes).

The problem is that models created this way are cumbersome to update and maintain plus not very easy to analyze.

This is why I created a list of free tools that will make your life easier if you need to create something more than one time drawing.

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Tired of process models full of errors and omissions? Try this…

Tired of process models full of errors and omissions? Try this…

“We plan to move the process modelling to the business guys but they are not ready to produce correct models”, “It takes too long to fix all those errors”, “There are no descriptions for the process steps. Again…”

Do you also struggle with models created by your colleagues with less than perfect BPMN knowledge and BPM experience?

If you liked the approach I proposed in the post “How to make sure your process models are useful” and the PDF checklist you may like one of the new features available in ADONIS:cloud (disclosure – this is a commercial SaaS BPM tool offered by my company).

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How to make sure your process models are useful

Have you ever spent days of your work creating and polishing your business process models just to notice there are no people actually using them?

Creating business process models is not so difficult. However creating process models that are useful is a bit more complex.

Below you can find 6 steps that will (hopefully) help you make the best use of your time.

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How many BPMN tools are there on the market now?

Since some time in many BPMN related articles (including some I had a chance to co-author) you can find reference to “Over 70 tools supporting the BPMN”. As of today (May 2015) on page you can find reference to 75 tools, but is it really everything? After all we had over 70 tools in 2012, not to mention that in 2011 there were 80 tools supporting BPMN listed (

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BPMN Interchange Demo at OMG Technical Meeting and bpmNEXT

I will be showing ADONIS BPMN 2.0 interchange capabilities during the following event:


Do you need to move your business process models from one tool to another as part of your process improvement lifecycle? Would you like to learn more about BPMN interoperability and how BPMN can benefit your organization? Interested in meeting BPMN experts and being among the first to know about current and future technologies in business process modeling and automation?

A live demonstration of BPMN Model Interchange will concurrently take place during the OMG Technical Meeting and bpmNEXT. Sign up for either event to witness this demonstration in person.

The event will be hosted by Denis Gagne of OMG BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG) featuring a multitude of BPMN-based tools and platforms. Do not miss the opportunity to see a smooth and complete interchange of process models between leading software vendors.

Cannot make it? Then join the live stream of the interchange demo via this link: Live-Stream


Participants of the demonstration include:

  • Blueworks Live from IBM

  • Bonita BPM Studio Community Edition from Bonitasoft (Open Source)

  • Oracle BPM Suite from Oracle

  • Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio from itp-commerce

  • ADONIS from BOC Group

  • camunda Modeler and camunda-bpmn.js from camunda (Open Source)

  • Signavio Process Editor from Signavio

  • W4 BPMN+ from W4 Software

  • Yaoqiang BPMN Editor from Yaoqiang

  • Activiti Designer from Alfresco (Open Source)

  • BPMN Visio Modeler and BPMN Web Modeler from Trisotech

  • With the participation of

  • and the participation of


At a glance:


When: March 25th-27th, 2014
Interchange Demo: March 26th, 2014 at 11:00hrs (PT)
Where: Asilomar Conference Grounds
800 Asilomar Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

OMG technical meeting

When: March 24th-28th, 2014
Interchange Demo: March 26th, 2014 at 14:00hrs (ET)
Where: Hyatt Regency Reston
1800 Presidents Street, Reston, VA 20190

bpmNEXT will showcase what’s next in the area of business process management from 25-27 march. Witness the latest developments in the BPM area and see how to ensure your organization’s ability with the commitment to standards, interoperability and sustainability. Learn how to continue to use the systems and technologies you currently have in place and be ahead with future technologies. Find more information about the program and the speakers at the bpmNEXT website.

The OMG technical meeting on 24-28 march brings together IT architects, business analysts and government experts as well as vendors and end users. Every meeting is a great opportunity to meet and network with these experts and to get a firsthand insight about how to influence the direction of future standards. Connect directly with standards specialists of the tech industry, and learn about the future landscape of enterprise technologies. Find more information on the OMG website, and save the date now!